Welcome to LAX!

We are located at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Our address is 8820 Bellanca Ave Los Angeles, CA 90045.

Arrival Information

(1) For pickup from LAX: Once you have obtained your luggage, please proceed outside to the Lower level outer curb under the Blue sign that reads "LAX Shuttles/Airport Connections". At that sign you will wait for the "G Bus/Greenline Bus". Once you board the bus please inform the driver that you would like to go to the "Remote Rental Car Depot".
(2) Upon arrival at the Remote Rental Car Depot, please wait for one of the white ACE Rent a Car vans to arrive and they will bring you to our Location at 8820 Bellanca Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Our shuttles run nonstop and are always in circulation from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

*CALL US AT 424-293-1246 any time after arrival to LAX if you have questions or just to speed up your pick up .

Our Location: 8820 Bellanca Ave Los Angeles, CA 90045

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